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Wide Range of Services and Testing Equipment

Red Rock’s range of equipment is extensive to cover all your needs. All equipment is always certified tested and ready for mobilisation. This can be for dry hire with training or we can offer trained technicians for a turn-key package.

Having a wealth of experience in sending our gear around the world you can trust us to get the equipment to you on time and in the condition you need.

Pre-Commissioning Services

Red Rock Oilfield Services offer asset protection, from Pre-Commissioning, Ongoing lifetime maintenance through to De-Commissioning services. 

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Pipeline Pigging and Testing

Red Rock engineers can deliver pre-commissioning, decommissioning and progressive cleaning campaigns for our clients.

We have a large supply of pigging and testing equipment available off the shelf locally in Perth, Western Australia ready for your flooding, gauging, cleaning, testing, de-watering and drying projects!

This includes PIGs, launchers, receivers and highly experienced personnel with the ability to manage projects from tender to completion.

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Pipeline Isolations

Red Rock Oilfield Services now offers Pipe Freeze Isolation, a safe and effective solution to isolating pipelines where there is no entry location for isolation plugs. The Ice Plug Isolation system is set up in a closed loop to allow for the circulation of a cooling medium without the risks of spillage, removing the need for direct liquid nitrogen contact on the pipe wall.

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Dry Hire and Training

Red Rock offers in-house training packages for our Clients on all of our isolation plugs, flange and internal weld testing dry hire equipment.

This ensures your team are competent in using our equipment and ability to deliver projects safely and efficiently.

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Internal Weld Testers

Red Rock Internal Weld Testers are available for rental, both short-term and long-term from 2″ thru to 32″ up to ANSI 1500. For sizes and pressures above 32″ and ANSI 1500 please contact us to discuss.

Special tools can be shortened or lengthened to suit your specific requirements.

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Flange Weld Testers

Red Rock offers a wide range of flange weld testers that are available for rental, both short-term and long-term from ½” thru to 48″ up to ANSI 1500.  For sizes and pressures above 24″ and ANSI 1500 please get in touch with us to discuss. Special tools can be shortened or lengthened to suit your specific requirements.

They are designed to pressure test various flange weld connections, including weld-neck, slip-on and lap-joint, eliminating the need for a full system test.

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Our Strengths

Professional Training

Ensuring your staff can complete the tasks required safely and to the standards that are required to meet your projects timelines.


All gear that leaves our yard will be tested and have the required documents to comply with your requirements.

Global Coverage

Equipment or Training required in a different country. No problem at all we have the capabilities and staff to train and equip your team anywhere.

Data & Technology

All our equipment and training documents are stored on our online database for easy field access. Reducing any downtime or issues when information is required

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