Internal Weld Testing

Red Rock offers a wide range of internal weld testers.

1″ to 48″

Red Rock Internal Weld Testers are available for rental, both short-term and long-term from 1″ thru to 48″ up to ANSI 1500. For sizes and pressures above 48″ and ANSI 1500 please contact us to discuss.

Special tools can be shortened or lengthened to suit your specific requirements.


The body of the tool is made from high grade carbon steel and the seal is made from Polyurethane which has a low hysterisis. All units are hydro tested prior to shipment and supplied with full operating instructions and QA/QC Certification.

Utilisation and Operations

The seals on the IWT are expanded radially against the pipe bore mechanically (up to 4″) or hydraulically (6″ and above) to seal off the area to be tested. The annulus created is then filled and vented with the test medium and pressurised up to the required test pressure which can be up to ANSI 1500.

The tools can be set in both horizontal and vertical piping or inclined if required. Testing is achieved in a fraction of the time, and cost, of a full system test, whilst also reducing the provision and disposal costs associated with larger volumes of test medium in full pipelines. Most tools can easily be installed and used by one suitably trained person.

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Professional Training

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All gear that leaves our yard will be tested and have the required documents to comply with your requirements.

Global Coverage

Equipment or Training required in a different country. No problem at all we have the capabilities and staff to train and equip your team anywhere.

Data & Technology

All our equipment and training documents are stored on our online database for easy field access. Reducing any downtime or issues when information is required

“Gear delivered right on time every time with the required documentation. Allowing us to complete our testing and carry on with the project. “

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