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RedRock Oilfield Services has a wide range of pumps, hoses, fittings, pigs, plugs and adaptors to suit any project that you have.

From 10cfm to 10,000cfm

RedRocks large range of pumps mean that we will have the pump you need. All of our pumps are fully run and tested prior to mobilisation and come complete with spares if there are any unexpected issues on site or offshore.

Our pump frames are DNV certified and undergo regular maintenance and annual certification. So they are ready to go when you are.

Tender to completion

RedRock have a large supply of pigging and testing equipment available off the shelf locally in Perth, Western Australia. This includes pigs, launchers, receivers and trained personnel with the ability to mange projects from tender to completion.

No Flange, No Problem

RedRocks High Pressure Pipe plugs are designed for hydraulic pressure testing of pipe where there is no flange available. They can also be used to prevent the outflow of product, provide a safe barrier whilst performing an on site weld and used for an emergency isolation so repairs can be carried out.

Plugs are available from 1″ to 16″ for rental both short term and long term up to 20000kPa depending upon size.

Why choose Redrock

Planning & Preparation

We ensure all projects are fully planned to ensure we send each piece of equipment needed to completed the job safely and on-time.

Anywhere. Anytime

We have the capabilities and range of equipment to reach your project no matter where in the world you are.

Latest Technology

We use the latest in planning and simulation technology to provide us with the information we need to ensure your project is done correctly.

Safety & Certification

All of our equipment is inspected and certified to ensure it is safe and ready to use. With training provided where needed to ensure a safe a successful job.

planned. delivered. executed

It has never been easier with the Pipeline Professionals