Pipe Freeze Isolation

Red Rock Oilfield Services now offers Pipe Freeze Isolation, a safe and effective solution to isolating pipelines where there is no entry location for isolation plugs. The Ice Plug Isolation system is set up in a closed loop to allow for circulation of a cooling medium without the risks of spillage, removing the need for direct liquid nitrogen contact on the pipe wall.

pre-chill or circulation

RROS have two methods available to carry out the pipeline freeze, circulating liquid nitrogen or using the liquid nitrogen to pre-chill a cooling medium which is then circulated to form the Ice Plug Isolation. Using thermocouples and temperature loggers to manually monitor and control the freezing temperature of the pipeline, RROS ensures the integrity of the line and temperature stays above our Client’s minimum specified temperature.

Both of these methods are designed with fully enclosed jackets so there is no requirement for sealing on the pipework and no risk of environmental contamination!

Locations That May Require Freeze Plug Options

Red Rock Ice Plug Isolations can be used for a number of projects, the most common being temporary isolation to allow for works to be carried out downstream and Hydrostatic pressure testing (pressure ratings depend on size of line).

the ice plug